imageTrue to the title, Marta Ren demonstates that she is far from the average girl. Blasting out the traps with thumping drums and rattling horns Marta and the Groovelvets belt out a tidy primetime dancer with I’m not your regular woman.

If im honest, I’ve always thought Marta was holding back a little in previous releases and was waiting to mature. In this release she gives it to you straight, like all good soul divas should.

Side B serves a wonderful instrumental full of breaks  and driving rythmn which will have the b-boys and girls ears pricked to attention.

Love your work Marta, and it’s another thumbs up towards the Record Kicks camp from us!

Buy it here and listen below

imageTTM put the driving funk to the side on this one and bring in the grinding soulfulness of the brilliant Lee Fields. I don’t think the hairs on my arms ever stood down after Mr Fields dropped the stirring Could have been. So a collaboration between driving funk and grinding soul on a quality piece of vinyl keeps a smile firmly plastered across my chops!

Where do we go from here is less about paying homage to the funk/soul legends of the past, it’s more about cementing Lee Fields in the now. Soul music is all about looking for love, finding love and losing love and Lee brings one of these situations to the table and tells you all you need to know about it.

TMM deliver rousing horns in the chorus and lift Lee’s vocals to another level giving the track a fantastic depth.

But TMM aren’t finished there as they drop back into B-boy breaks mode on side b with the belting b-boy Suite in b minor.

It’s a great release, so get your mittens on it here and listen below.


FOLD-Front-CoverThere are some essential truths about the world that are not taught in schools.

Hip-Hop is a broad church, we know this. You probably also know that I’m a fan of 90’s Hip-Hop culture. The beats, the breaks, the raps, the clothes, the cutting and scratching. Chris Reads Classic Material mixes populate the airwaves when I’m skating and when I’m chilling Freddie Hubbard, Brain Jackson and Gil Scott Heron reverberate around my head.

I like the unison of positivity, challenging lyrics and experience in artists. I like hearing Jill Scott narrate her feelings and the flow, honesty and depth of Roberta Flack. This is why the FOLD release Two Past Midnight featuring the speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer captured our attention at ABS HQ.

The latest drop from FOLD brings us a 10 track LP which pans a wide landscape of musical influence and aims to deliver a message of understanding, respect, reflection and moving forward. Obvious, but sincerely delivered.

The Hip-Hop feel is very much alive in tracks such as a Victims Mentality and Detroit Red which seem to tip a hat in the direction of such artists as Herbaliser. For the most part the album offers a degree of deepness in its composition with shades of MoWax and jazz stylings akin to Feddie Hubbards A Soul Experiment, particularly  in the track She (which is my pick). At times it takes me back to that early era Galliano sound.

This is a great LP and as you’d expect, available in 180g vinyl. At the right time, in the right mood this album has the potential to be the rainbow in your cloud.  

Listen below and buy here


Party Down - The Whole TruthHere’s one to have the heads nodding down Oldham Street courtesy of Whole Truth Records. Soulful electronica, with a Stones Throw feel to it, which is no surprise as the secretive producer brings in LA duo Lucid Paradise (Ishtar and E. Da Boss) the latter from the Stones Throw stables.

This fits right into that nu-disco, modern soul sound that was a staple at Fat City Records when it had street presence (RIP). It’s not difficult to imagine any of the four tunes finding their way into a dirty basement Electric Chair set. Modern disco dub? Is that a new genre? God knows! But it’s brilliantly crafted and you can see it being as well received as the rest of The Whole Truth’s recent releases.

My pick is the fourth track on the EP, but make sure you cast your ears over the back catalogue.

The Whole TruthWho’s Taking All The Love (feat Lucid Paradise)



Rather than have me waffle on about the brilliance of Henry Stones and his incredible musical foresight and his influential legacy I’ll let the trailer below tickle your inquisitive taste buds.

Athens of the North have delivered a top quality overview of some of HS’s finest productions. I’m plumping for Funky Nassau’s Bahama Soul Stew as a taster from this compilation but the whole album is so diverse you better just pick this one up yourself from here and make your own mind up, you won’t be disappointed!

Funky NassauBahama Soul Stew


phil flowers flower shop like a rolling stone front cover 1Ah! The oldies are the best! Well this one certainly is. I think this tune came via HBS Music Archaeology, not heard of them? Well click on the link and introduce yourself to some cockney sounding, dusty fingered gents. It’s a cracking little Youtube Channel to interrupt the endless hours of inevitable bedroom twerking voyeurism that pops up on the “Up Next” column.

As for this tune, well I can’t tell you too much about the man himself and in fairness rather than bore you with the detail I’ll just unleash this absolute dance floor stomper on your ears!

Incidentally you’ll be able to hear this and plenty more whilst watching some of the summers most beautiful Cornish sunsets down at SAMs @ The Bay over the summer as we kick off this Bank Holiday Saturday from 8pm until late.

Phil Flower and the Flower ShopLike A Rolling Stone


I think it’s reasonable to feel that the run up to the next election has been going on for…, well, 5 years? It certainly seems that way. Whilst nothing within the election debates has been particularly surprising (the Tories have been Tories, Labour have failed to uphold any socialist principles and oppose neoliberalism, Lib Dems have been broadly ignored and UKIP…well it’s been made clear in more ways than one what they appear to be).

However, amidst the usual grandstanding (lies and half truths) their remains one noticeable and refreshing silver lining. The emergence of the fair and forthright female. Now setting aside partisan opinions it seems to me that what emerged from the mouths of the female leaders was honest and fair with the golden thread of equality (of opportunity) running through it. It appeared that what was on offer was of benefit to the many rather than the elite few.

Now, Thatcher aside history has shown us what the forthright and fair female can deliver for us all. Fannie Lou Hamer provides a fine example, as Fold places her as the centre piece for a new album. Some fine funk and straight talking is what this album delivers as well as the inspirational story of this great woman. Some surprisingly dance floor friendly cuts within this package, and an exploration of this Leeds Hip-Hop outfit should ensue.

So if you’re the kind that thinks politics is meaningless and voting pointless, then listen to what this woman has to say, and I mean listen…then wake the fuck up and getting to the polling booth in May.

Listen below and buy here

 FoldDon’t Kid Yourself Baby