FOLD: A Hip-Hop Funk and Jazz Tapestry

FOLD-Front-CoverThere are some essential truths about the world that are not taught in schools.

Hip-Hop is a broad church, we know this. You probably also know that I’m a fan of 90’s Hip-Hop culture. The beats, the breaks, the raps, the clothes, the cutting and scratching. Chris Reads Classic Material mixes populate the airwaves when I’m skating and when I’m chilling Freddie Hubbard, Brain Jackson and Gil Scott Heron reverberate around my head.

I like the unison of positivity, challenging lyrics and experience in artists. I like hearing Jill Scott narrate her feelings and the flow, honesty and depth of Roberta Flack. This is why the FOLD release Two Past Midnight featuring the speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer captured our attention at ABS HQ.

The latest drop from FOLD brings us a 10 track LP which pans a wide landscape of musical influence and aims to deliver a message of understanding, respect, reflection and moving forward. Obvious, but sincerely delivered.

The Hip-Hop feel is very much alive in tracks such as a Victims Mentality and Detroit Red which seem to tip a hat in the direction of such artists as Herbaliser. For the most part the album offers a degree of deepness in its composition with shades of MoWax and jazz stylings akin to Feddie Hubbards A Soul Experiment, particularly  in the track She (which is my pick). At times it takes me back to that early era Galliano sound.

This is a great LP and as you’d expect, available in 180g vinyl. At the right time, in the right mood this album has the potential to be the rainbow in your cloud.  

Listen below and buy here


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