The Whole Truth: Party Down

Party Down - The Whole TruthHere’s one to have the heads nodding down Oldham Street courtesy of Whole Truth Records. Soulful electronica, with a Stones Throw feel to it, which is no surprise as the secretive producer brings in LA duo Lucid Paradise (Ishtar and E. Da Boss) the latter from the Stones Throw stables.

This fits right into that nu-disco, modern soul sound that was a staple at Fat City Records when it had street presence (RIP). It’s not difficult to imagine any of the four tunes finding their way into a dirty basement Electric Chair set. Modern disco dub? Is that a new genre? God knows! But it’s brilliantly crafted and you can see it being as well received as the rest of The Whole Truth’s recent releases.

My pick is the fourth track on the EP, but make sure you cast your ears over the back catalogue.

The Whole TruthWho’s Taking All The Love (feat Lucid Paradise)



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