FOLD: Two Past Midnight


I think it’s reasonable to feel that the run up to the next election has been going on for…, well, 5 years? It certainly seems that way. Whilst nothing within the election debates has been particularly surprising (the Tories have been Tories, Labour have failed to uphold any socialist principles and oppose neoliberalism, Lib Dems have been broadly ignored and UKIP…well it’s been made clear in more ways than one what they appear to be).

However, amidst the usual grandstanding (lies and half truths) their remains one noticeable and refreshing silver lining. The emergence of the fair and forthright female. Now setting aside partisan opinions it seems to me that what emerged from the mouths of the female leaders was honest and fair with the golden thread of equality (of opportunity) running through it. It appeared that what was on offer was of benefit to the many rather than the elite few.

Now, Thatcher aside history has shown us what the forthright and fair female can deliver for us all. Fannie Lou Hamer provides a fine example, as Fold places her as the centre piece for a new album. Some fine funk and straight talking is what this album delivers as well as the inspirational story of this great woman. Some surprisingly dance floor friendly cuts within this package, and an exploration of this Leeds Hip-Hop outfit should ensue.

So if you’re the kind that thinks politics is meaningless and voting pointless, then listen to what this woman has to say, and I mean listen…then wake the fuck up and getting to the polling booth in May.

Listen below and buy here

 FoldDon’t Kid Yourself Baby

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