Hope Street Recordings: The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra

HS016 Pack ShotThe POAO are giving me confidence that 2015 is going to be a cracker for both label and band!

Just as I was set to enjoy a brief moment of dry sunshine and get myself out and about the heavens opened and my twenty minute window for a Saturday afternoon stroll had been dashed. So I sat back on the couch and turned off Radio 6 and had a root through my inbox.

Afro, funky rhythms fill my house courtesy of The Public Opinion Orchestra. Flowing, beats and grooves punctuated with horn sections reminding you of where the roots of this group stretch out towards.

This 7″ is split between the bands two vocalists, rapper One Sixth (Cosmetic Love) and Lamine Sonko (Jappo).

Real afro-funk is whats on offer with One Sixth providing Hip Hop over live sounds and Sonko giving real, rootsy and deep rhythms with the Public Opinion 6. A tight little seven courtesy of Hope Street that provides the precursor to the awaited LP.

The Public Opinion 6Jappo


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