Digging with the Dutch!

imageIt seems more and more that good record shops are hard to come by these days…either too obscure, too busy, too expensive or staffed by unfriendly, tired people who couldn’t care less for your overly-exuberant enthusiasm and aren’t willing to impart any of their knowledge or love of music to you. There are a few rare and beautiful exceptions…

On a recent trip to Amsterdam I came across this famous diggers paradise nestled amongst the canals, cobbles and Chimays.

You can easily lose an afternoon or two hunting through the crates of 12s and 7s…strictly on a funk, soul, jazz, Latin, Afro and blues tip it’s an ABS heaven. What makes it extra special are the guys who run it…Pepyn and Dick, the owner, have not only been in the business for a while, they’ve been into the music for their whole lives and certainly know their stuff.

Their enthusiasm stuck out above all else…that childish excitement when you’re talking about a favourite tune, an artist you’ve seen or story you’ve heard can get dulled by the trials of life in some people and it’s so good to go to places where likeminded, similarly-enthused, genuine souls hang out.

Anyway it’s in Egalantiersstraat near the Jordaan area or Amsterdam, check it out if you can tear yourself away from the beers/coffee shops/hookers/galleries/shops or whatever is tickling your Dutch fancy!

Mongo Santa MariaLatin Soul

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